Milling at HMI machine

Milling at HMI machines is a method of processing using the exposure by a special cutting tool on the metal product. This technique is in-demand in aircraft construction, and automobile indus-try as well as production of industrial equipment, machining, and jewelry.

Operation of HMI milling machines

Metal processing by milling machine is controlled by special software. The operator sets parameters of a would-be product and makes preliminary adjustment. After equipment startup the process is controlled automatically. Actually, the operator just enters data in software, or replaces milling cutter or other machine components which are out-of-work.

Metal milling at HMI machines is a functional processing method. It is suitable for manufacture of components of various configurations and their complexity may be limited only by the capacity of certain equipment. HMI milling machines ensure the majority of process metal operations: drilling, chamfer bit, cutting, threading, grooving etc.

The outstanding feature of the HMI milling machine is a superior precision. The set processing parameters for each semi-product are met with minimum deviations which can be actually done by computer software.   

Advantages of HMI milling

Metal HMI milling is in great demand among both managers of large industrial facilities and the owners of small workshops. Demand for this type of processing is conditioned by its unique properties:

  • High efficiency: compared to manual operation HMI miller ensures characteristics at least twice higher;
  • Low rejection rate since the process is automated and fully software-controlled;
  • Fast readjusting: as a consequence the possibility of fast change of parameters to manufacture other configuration components.

HMI milling machine enables to significantly reduce labor expenditures for maintenance. In this case the pattern 1 man – 1 machine is out-dated since one operator can easily control the operation of several equipment units. As a result, the wages cost for the entire workshop can be reduced and the efficiency of one operator can be improved as well.

HMI Milling in Ivconstruktiv LLC

Ivkonstruktiv LLC offers HMI milling works. We use a bed-type mill of a gantry type Cutter TG 600х400 with the processing area of 600х400 mm. The machine ensures treatment of semi-finished product from steel, aluminum, and copper. We offer favorable condition for cooperation: reasonable prices for HMI milling orders, efficient order fulfillment and precision in meeting your requirements. For further information, please, contact up by phone or E-mail.

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