Hardware pressing

Hardware pressing is a type of a connection with tension ensuring the strength of a fixation. It is in demand when working with thin sheet metal when high torsion and tear resistance is required and at the same time, deformation of the sheet is unacceptable. The technology is widely used in various industries, from radio-electronic to space.

Hardware pressing

For hardware pressing special equipment with press is required.

The process is as follows:

  • The hardware element is installed in a laser-cut or drilled hole of a component.
  • When exposed by the press the component metal flows plastically into the groove located on a hardware rod.
  • As a result, the pressed hardware does not turn in the hole and becomes an integral part of the sheet metal element.

Important: hardware shall be fabricated from a stronger metal than the sheet itself; this is the condition for achieving the declared strength and reliability of fixation.

Although the specifics of hardware pressing make the technology relevant for working with thin sheet metal; in some cases, its use is also appropriate when processing thicker workpieces. For example, hardware pressing can reduce or eliminate the ordinary hardware from the final assembly, or make the finished product more aesthetic due to the possibility of the flush fitting.

The use of hardware presssing

Hardware pressing, as one of the most reliable connection techniques is widely used in aircraft construction, automobile industry and shipbuilding. It is especially popular in design of computer and radio equipment, as well as modern medical equipment. Hardware pressing is also widely used in military production.

The advantages of hardware pressing

The service of hardware pressing is in demand on the contemporary industrial market not by chance. Among its main advantages, the following are mainly distinguished:

  • suitable for a metal thickness from 0.5 mm;
  • high positioning accuracy, strength, and durability;
  • no protruding parts on the front side of the pressed hardware;
  • reliable fixation of hardware elements – they just cannot be lost.

The technique of hardware pressing is suitable for working with painted metals since the press exposure on the component does not result in coating damage. The protection against corrosion at the connection point which may occur for other methods of installing hardware is also worth mentioning.

Hardware pressing in Ivkonstruktiv LLC

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