Metal grinding

Metal grinding is surface processing with an abrasive material. This technique enables to eliminate visual and structural defects, and imperfections and prepare the product for further processing. Grinding is used for the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metal grinding using a belt-grinder 

A belt-grinder is used for metal grinding. The basic element of the equipment is an endless grinding belt with variation in abrasive grit. The size of abrasive grit is determined based on work to be performed: metal surface condition, its hardness, and expected result. The correct choice of a grain size plays a defining role: too coarse structure may result in surface scratches and as a consequence, component rejection. 

The belt rests on pulleys which start moving at the moment of engine startup. The grinding process is simple: moving belt contacts the surface of the component to be processed, and the metal is mechanically exposed and as a result, the surface becomes smooth and uniform. This operation is manual that is why all belt grinders are equipped with protective frames preventing from ingress of chops into the operator’s face. 

Metal grinding using belt grinding machine 

Metal surfaces grinding with belt grinder includes several operations:

  • Removal of burrs, surface cavities, elevations;
  • Removal of beadings from the metal surface;
  • Removal of rust marks;
  • Processing of radius of rounding;
  • Surface preparation for final coating.

Belt grinders are used in all production spheres connected with processing of metal semi-finished products and components. The equipment structure enables processing of round, rectangular, and flat semi-finished products, get both small semi-finished and large-dimensional products from ground metal.

Metal grinding in Ivkonstruktiv LLC

Ivkonstruktiv LLC offers grinding services for metal components and semi-finished products using a belt grinder. In our team boasts real professionals knowing all the twists and turns in metal processing. In the process of grinding all standard and individual requirements are met. 

We offer favorable prices for metal grinding works and guarantee meeting the deadlines irrespective of complexity and scope of order. For further information on cooperation, please, contact us by phone or E-mail. 

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