Powder Coating

Powder coating – is a method of polymer coating application with high protective and decorative properties. Used as a long-lasting and environmental-friendly alternative to traditional paint-and-lacquer coating.
Порошковая покраска

Powder Coating Technique 

Powder coatings are manufactured based on polymer resins blended with pigments, leveling agents, hardeners, and other addictives (depends on a specific coating type). All the components are blended and melted to a homogeneous mass and then are crushed in a fine-dispersed powder.  

The preliminary stage of this technique is the surface treatment of the component to be coated: it should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. To do that flushing in water washing solutions and metal sand-blasting are used.

Coating particles are electrically charged in the process of spraying, and under exposure of electric field are applied to the surface with an opposite charge. After that, a component is handled to the polymerization chamber. 

The baking process starts from flowing and transition of particles into the state of a viscous flow; then a solid polymer-powder coating is formed, that still deeper penetrates to the component surface and then is hardened.

Advantages of powder coating 

Powder coating of metal surfaces as of today is one of the best techniques compared to coating with ordinary liquid paints. 

Its advantages:  

1. Efficiency. The entire cycle of a polymer powder coating takes about 40 minutes and ensures higher quality result compared to liquid painting.  

2. Cost-saving. The availability of a recuperator in the chamber allows collecting particles remained after spraying with their subsequent reuse; such technology ensures coating consumption up to 98%.

3. Safe and environment-friendly technique. Powder coating is non-toxic and inexplosive; hazardous substances on the premises do not reach the maximum permissible concentration.

4. High strength. Powder coating ensures exclusively stable and strength coating resistance to corrosion, UV, and moisture. 

The color palette comprises thousands of colors and ensures various effects (metallic, aged copper and bronze, moiré effect, chrome), create structural surfaces, makes surface glossy or matte.

The technique of powder coating is suitable for work with various metals (steel, aluminum, brass), and used for components treatment of all sorts of equipment, construction profiles, home appliances, pipes, and hardware.  

Powder coating in Ivkonstruktiv LLC 

Ivkonstruktiv LLC takes orders for metal powder coating in Ivanovo and Ivanovo region. We use factory polymerization chamber ТП/КП1 with a semi-automatic operation mode. The equipment is operated by first-class specialists after appropriate training. The cost of powder coating depends on several factors: type of coating, size of a component, scope of treatment before coating, as well as the speed of order fulfillment. For further information regarding prices and cooperation conditions, please, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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