Laser pipe cutting

Laser pipe cutting is a method of cutting round and shaped pipes using a high-capacity laser beam. This method makes possible to get a high-quality cut that does not require further pro-cessing.
Лазерная резка трубы

Laser pipe cutting technique

The operation of a laser pipe cutter is based on a laser beam directed together with gas or compressed air. In the processing area during the cutting the strongest heating, melting and evaporation of the metal occur. The beam contact with the surface is minimal, so the remaining parts of the product are not heated – the technique is considered maximum safe for the personnel. At the same time, mechanical exposure on the metal surface is completely excluded, the surface of the pipe cut is smooth and even.

A laser cutting machine is suitable for processing different types of pipes regardless of the method of their manufacture (rolling, casting, welding) and a type of cross-section (round or shaped), as well as profiles and channel bars. The laser performs perfect processing of products from brass, aluminum, and steel including stainless steel.

Advantages of laser pipe cutting

Laser cutting of pipes is highly rated in pipe rolling, construction, engineering, and many other fields due to a wide range of advantages:

  • the possibility of extremely accurate compliance with the technological requirements of the customer;
  • the method is suitable for the processing pipes made of brittle, easy to mechanically process alloys;
  • the absence of the need to subsequently process the cuts saves time significantly;
  • when cutting the pipe with laser almost no waste is formed;
  • precision of cutting allows working with the elements of any configuration;
  • low cost of the service.

Laser cutting is suitable for pipes to be applied in gas, energy, and oil industries, and used for the construction of water and heating systems, as well as heating mains.

Laser cutting of pipes in Ivkonstruktiv

The company Ivkonstruktiv LLC renders servicing in laser cutting of pipes, channel bars, and profiles made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We use an automated complex Iron Mac T6 IPG with the capacity of 1500 W with a positioning accuracy of ±0.05 mm. The equipment allows works with a maximum pipe length of 6000 mm, a maximum round pipe size of 20-220 mm, and a maximum shaped pipe size of 20-155 mm. For further information regarding ordering laser cutting of pipes, calculation of cost and getting familiar with our conditions, please, contact us by phone stated on our website or e-mail.

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