CNC metal bending

Bending on a CNC machine is an operation aimed at fast and high-precision bending of sheet metal. The automated process allows to significantly reduce the time of order execution, to pro-duce parts of different sizes and shapes. The service is in demand in the production of housings, mechanical engineering, and other areas.
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How does the CNC bending machine operate?

Manual bending results in a number of difficulties related to the peculiarities of the metal structure. That is to say, in the process of mechanical exposure folds may appear on the sheet, or its thickness may change – in this case such a part will be recognized as defective and rejected from further use. The use of a CNC metal bending machine allows taking into account all the details in advance.

The operation of the equipment is based on special software where the desired mode and parameters are set from the operator's control panel. The machine is equipped with a display that allows performing visual control, and, if necessary, data editing.

The process of bending on CNC machines is as follows:

  • the metal sheet is cut by a laser machine according to the parameters specified in the drawing;
  • the dimensions of the part, points, angles of bending, and other data are entered into the software;
  • the operator bends a part;
  • the finished parts are subjected to control measurement for the purpose of quality assessment.

When calculating the cost of bending, type of a sheet metal, parameters of a workpiece, and specified number of parts are taken into account. Due to the automated system, the operator does not need to be actively involved in the process. The technology is maximum safe, and, if necessary, the equipment can operate 24 hours: turning off is required for maintenance only.

Advantages of bending on a CNC machine

The technique is popular due to its exceptional advantages:

  • maximum accuracy: a finished part fully meets the specified parameters, the error is not more than 0.1 mm;
  • operator's safety: since the operator is not actively involved in the bending process;
  • no defects: If there is a failure during the bending process, the CNC machine will automatically stop;
  • material saving: bending does not include removal of any part of a workpiece and the formation of waste.

This technique guarantees the integrity of the metal, and does not result in the formation of laps, burrs, and changes in the color of the surface. The equipment operates rather quietly and has an optimal level of energy consumption.

Bending on a CNC machine in Ivkonstruktiv LLC

Ivkonstruktiv LLC provides servicing of metal bending on high-capacity up-to-date CNC equipment. At our disposal, there are two hydraulic sheet bending presses DURMA AD-R 25100, press PBA 40/1300-4C with 4 controlled axes. We guarantee prompt execution of the order, reasonable cost of metal bending, and unconditional quality of work. We work with ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel.

For further information on sheet bending orders on CNC machines, getting familiar with cooperation conditions, and other questions, please, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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