Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technique of metal cutting based on high-capacity laser beam. Due to efficiency and accuracy, it is in high demand in construction and industries.
Лазерная резка

Laser Cutting Principles

Metal cutting is carried out with a laser beam using gas: oxygen, air, nitrogen, compressed air. Such exposure to metal surface results in combustion, melting, evaporation, and blowing off an area where the beam is targeted to. Mechanical exposure, as well as the risk of product damage, are totally excluded. The limited heat-affected zone (HAZ) on the plate during laser cutting produces a thin cut with no faults. 

Machine operation is predominantly automated. The cutting process is preceded by a drawing making (in appropriate format); then the drawing is uploaded into special software setting not only the dimensions of a would-be product but also the type and thickness of the metal to be treated. Based on these parameters the software automatically determines the cutting parameters.  

Laser Cutting Advantages

Laser cutting as a metal treatment method appeared comparatively recently but became popular very fast. Demand in this technique is conditioned by high efficiency, productivity, the possibility to work even with very thin plates and also cost-effectiveness.   

Main advantages:

  • Suitable for fragile, easily-formed materials;
  • Successfully used for cutting of hard-alloyed plates;
  • After laser cutting additional product treatment is not required;
  • Settings accuracy and process automation minimize the errors;
  • Low pricing compared to other metal treatment methods;
  • High cutting speed.

Laser cutting is suitable for three-dimensional and flat components as well as contoured profiles. The technique is to be chosen when a small lot is to be treated since laser cutting will be more cost-efficient than a manufacturer of special treatment forms.

Laser metal cutting is used for the manufacture of various equipment components, devices, machines, furniture elements and interior features, tokens, accessories, tables, signs, and decorative elements. 

Laser Cutting in Ivkonstruktiv LLC 

Ivkonsruktiv LLC takes orders for laser cutting of plates in Ivanovo and Ivanovo region (we work throughout Russia and all over the World). We are equipped with 2  automated laser cutting complexes Iron Mac 3015B - 1500 W (IPG) with a working treatment area of 3000х1500 mm. The equipment is suitable for the treatment of cold- and hot-rolled steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc coating, and titanium. 

At production site metal is cut with air, oxygen, and gas (nitrogen). Our team works two-shift that is why we guarantee a high speed fulfillment of orders without loss in quality.   For further information on time frames and pricing of metal laser cutting, please, contact us by phone or E-mail.

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