Contact welding

Contact welding is a welding joint technique based on exposure of a high-voltage current and a high mechanical pressure on a component surface. It is generally applied in mechanical engineer-ing, radio electronics, construction, manufacture of frames, and other production spheres.
Контактная сварка

Contact welding technique 

Electrical current exposing the area of a metal component is transformed into heat energy. Simultaneously a surface to be welded is exposed to high pressure resulting in metal plastic deformation. As a result, high strength and reliable connection with an even surface is formed. 

The use of contact welding is relevant when working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals; the method is suitable for processing of semi-finished products and components from stainless steel as well as welding elements from dissimilar alloys.

Taking into account the features of the welding technique and the equipment to be applied three types of contact welding may be singled out:

  • Spot welding;
  • Projection welding;
  • Seam welding.

Spot contact welding is the most in-demand. It is obvious by the name that in the process of welding the components are connected at one or several points. This method is widely used in aircraft construction, machine engineering, and radio electronics.

Projection contact welding is actually a variety of spot welding. It is used for the fixation of sheet components of various functional elements. For example, in automobile industry, it is used for the fixation of brackets at the hood, door hinges, etc.  

And last but not least seam contact welding forms composite welds resistant to various environmental exposure (pressure, temperature). The method is applied in production of air-tight tanks: fuel tanks, household appliances chambers, radiators.  

Among varieties of contact welding, butt-welding can also be singled out. It is used for the fixation of two metal elements along the entire contact plane. For example, in the process of pipeline layout steel pipes are connected.  

Contact welding has a lot of advantages:

Working procedure of contact welding has a number of advantages:

  • Ensures welding of the components with different thicknesses;
  • Demonstrates high efficiency without quality loss;
  • Ensures perfect accuracy of component welding;

The automated process enables to significantly save time and labor expenditures. The contact welding quality is determined by parameters of a welded joint and regulated by GOST 15878-79.

Contact welding in Ivkonstruktiv LLC 

Ivkonstruktiv Company offers services on contact welding with the use of an up-to-date welding equipment. Two models are in our stock: spot welding unit Tecna Via Grieco 27 – 40024 Castel S. Pietro Terme and contact welding unit РКС 073-6. The second equipment unit is of higher capacity and enables to weld aluminum elements.

We perform contact welding according to preliminarily approved requirements and deadlines. For further information on time frames, pricing and other cooperation conditions please, contact us by phone or E-mail.

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