Laser welding

Laser welding is a non-contact method of joining parts using laser radiation. The features of this method include high speed, accuracy and strength of the connection.

Laser welding is used in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and nuclear industries to create strong, one-piece parts.

лазерная сварка

Laser welding technology

The laser welding process always starts with the preparation of the joint. The surface is treated with special cleaning and degreasing agents.

The principle of laser welding is as follows: an artificially generated beam, falling on the surface of the part, is partially reflected, partially penetrates inside. Thus, the material is heated, melted and evaporated.

Molten metal evenly fills all microcracks and irregularities. The result is a neat weld, resistant to various mechanical (impact, compression) and physical influences (pressure, temperature, humidity).

Metal welding is performed in two ways: butt method and overlap.

In the first case, the parts are pressed against each other by the ends, and the laser beam is directed to the place of their connection.

In the second case, the parts are superimposed on each other, and the beam is directed to the place where they overlap. When overlap welding, it is required to additionally press the products to obtain a stronger connection.

Advantages of laser welding

Laser welding is suitable for different types of metals: aluminum, copper, galvanized, mild steel and stainless steel.

Advantages of laser welding:

  • high working speed;
  • minimum weld width;
  • maximum accuracy and precision work;
  • the near-weld zone does not heat up, which eliminates the appearance of product defects;
  • suitable for welding large-sized and hard-to-reach parts.< /em>

Laser welding technology has no disadvantages. This is a modern, safe and accurate method for obtaining one-piece structures.

Laser welding service at IvKonstruktiv

In LLC "IvKonstruktiv" you can order a laser welding service. We use modern manual laser welding systems - FABTEC KY-W-HW1500-C and LightWELD 1500. The equipment allows you to work with a thickness of 0.5 to 8 mm.

Our team consists of only experienced specialists who comply with all safety standards and carry out each order responsibly. We can guarantee a strong and accurate connection of parts. And two laser welding sites allow us to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time.

For consultation on prices and terms of cooperation, leave a request on the website, call the specified phone number or email.

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