Sandblasting of metals is a technology for cleaning the surface by cold abrasive cleaning. It is considered one of the most highly effective, and therefore is widely used in household and industrial scales.

Sandblasting efficiency

The principle of operation consists in the mechanical action of abrasive particles accelerated under the influence of a powerful air flow and directed at the surface to be treated. The cheapest material for work is considered to be ordinary sand, but in many countries its use is prohibited due to the poor quality of surface treatment, negative impact on the environment and the health of employees of the enterprise.

By adjusting the pressure in the chamber and taking into account the purpose of the metal product, a different degree of cleaning is determined:

  • Light: on visual inspection, the surface appears to be free of visible oil stains, corrosion, and scale.
  • Thorough: the cleaning level reaches up to 76%, and the minimum residual contamination has a tight fit.
  • Very thorough: the level of cleaning reaches 96%, the residual contamination is almost not visually determined.
  • Cleaning to a shine: level-up to 99%; the surface has a uniform metallic luster.

With the help of sandblasting, deep dirt, corrosion, remnants of molding mixtures, as well as an oxide film on hot-rolled steel are completely eliminated.

Advantages of metal sandblasting

The advantages of the technology can be primarily attributed to:

  • uniformity of impact on the surface;
  • high quality cleaning;
  • the optimal price of sandblasting;
  • processing efficiency;
  • improving the adhesive properties of the metal surface.

To date, sandblasting is considered the most popular method of cleaning the surfaces of various metals. It should be added that the processing efficiency is achieved only if the technology is carried out with the use of modern equipment and under the supervision of experienced specialists.

Sandblasting of metals in LLC " Ivconstructive»

The company "Ivconstructive" LLC provides a service of sandblasting of metal products and parts in Ivanovo and the Ivanovo region. In our arsenal – a professional pressure cabin CAB-135PD with increased functionality and high power. This model allows for sandblasting of metal products up to 1X0.7X0. 7 meters in size.

Surface treatment is carried out with the use of electrocorundum – one of the best abrasives. It is a solid crystalline substance with homogeneous fractions and is second only to diamond in strength. Electrocorundum has a good viscosity, is not afraid of fire and is not subject to chemical effects.

The team consists of experienced specialists who perfectly perform work with sandblasting equipment, observing the requirements of GOST and safety rules.

The order accepts from 10 units of metal elements and structures. For advice on the cost of sandblasting, call the specified number or send questions by e-mail.

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