Manufacture of cases

Manufacture of metal cases is in demand in various industries from mining to medical. IvKonstruktiv Company manufactures metal cases of any complexity using up-to-date techniques for any metal processing.

Where metal cases are used 

A case is an integral element of any equipment unit. It ensures the internal integrity of the equipment, supports components in the right position as well protects them from dust, moisture, and other exposure. 

Manufacture of cases is relevant for the development of:

  • Medical equipment;
  • Computer engineering and radio electronics;
  • Commercial staff – price-checkers, vending apparatus, cash register;
  • Electrical equipment – safeguards, transformer vaults;
  • Military equipment and industrial equipment.

Every sphere has its own approved standards and requirements that is why for project implementation different metal types are used. Material is chosen depending on functional and technical features as well as safety operational rules for the would-be equipment. 

Manufacture of cases in Ivkonstruktiv LLC 

We manufacture cases from sheet metal according to the design of any complexity. We work both with customer-made professional drawings and drawings made by our designers.

The following techniques are used for the manufacture of metal cases:

  1. Laser cutting: to be performed on automated complex Iron Mac 3015A - 1500 W (IPG) suitable for processing of cold and hot rolled steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc coatings.  
  2. Computer numeric control: hydraulic presses DURMA AD-R 25100 and PBA 40/1300-4C enable to change a sheet form without any scratch are used.
  3. Hardware pressing: nuts, locknuts, studs, bushings installation.
  4. Milling: bed-mill of a gantry type Cutter TG 600х400 for processing of steel, aluminum, and copper semi-finished products is used. 
  5. Welding: contact, argon-arc, and CO2.
  6. Powder coating: enables polymer coating with excellent protective and decorative properties; the best alternative to traditional paintwork materials.
  7. Application of images and inscriptions. 

The final stage of work is a regular assembly of case elements, quality control, packaging, and sending to the customer.  To make an order for the manufacture of a metal case, please, contact us by phone, E-mail, or make your inquiry on the website.

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