Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing of metals is a complex of techniques aimed at changing the size or configuration of components, workpieces. Such operations are performed using specialized tools on metal-cutting machines. Mechanical exposure is one of the most popular methods of metal processing in various production areas.
Мех обработка

Types of metal machining

All methods of machining of metal components and workpieces can be divided into three groups:

  • turning and milling operations;
  • drilling, threading;
  • abrasive treatment.

Turning and milling operations

Turning and milling operations include facing, chamfering, grooving in metal products, cutting, drilling, and chamfer bit of holes. Our turning and milling machines are operated by experienced workers using special drills, cutters, reamers. Exactly due to this processing method nuts, bushings, couplings, shafts, pulleys, and many other products are obtained.


Threading is carried out using thread formers on screw-cutting lathes. A threaded form is a cylindrical tool with a protruding relief which forms an internal thread when being screwed (for example, in pipes or nuts). Made of a tough alloy. This threading method is suitable primarily for small-batch production as well as the manual manufacture of precision and lead screws.

Abrasive treatment

Mechanical abrasive exposure on metal is used for rough-working or final treatment of metal surfaces, grinding, polishing, or finishing. The most evident example of this operation is the sandblasting of metal.

Mechanical metal processing in Ivkonstruktiv LLC

Ivkonstruktiv LLC provides mechanical processing of metals. The list includes all types of machining: turning (drilling, chamfer bit holes, cutting grooves, cutting), threading of various configurations as well as roughing and finishing surface treatment with abrasive.

We guarantee prompt execution of orders on metal machining, and offer favorable prices for services and comfortable conditions for cooperation. For further information,  please, contact us by phone or e-mail.

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