Application of images on metal

Application of images on metal is a complex of techniques allowing the transfer of images, photos, and inscriptions to a metal surface. The appropriate method is determined by the type of product, its purpose, and operating conditions.
Нанесение изображений


Perhaps, this is the most popular printing technique used not only on metal but also on other surfaces. The principle is simple: the image is applied to a special screened mold; there can be several screens – it depends on the number of colors. A print is made through the mold – the imager is pushed through the cells and remains on the surface. As a result of metal stenciling, lasting multi-color images are obtained.

Advantages of silk-screening on metal:

  • high image application speed;
  • brightness and saturation of shades;
  • resistance to external exposure;
  • favorable price.

The technology is actively used in the production of outdoor advertising, various signs, and indicators, packaging elements, as well as for the design of external elements of equipment and appliances.

Printing with a fiber-optic laser (marker)

Laser fiber-optic markers operate on the engraver principle. Their design includes an emitter with a cooling system, an optical system with a lens. A high-capacity laser beam directed at the metal surface burns out a thin layer of material: as a result, a clear indelible image appears. Temperature change in the area of the beam exposure allows getting a particular shade, darken or highlight individual areas.

Advantages of image application with a fiber-optic laser:

  • high zooming of the image to be applied;
  • high operation speed;
  • lack of consumables;
  • convenience and work safety.

Laser markers are used for the application of images on metal cases of gadgets, household appliances, devices, and equipment, as well as for the production of various souvenir and advertising products.

Application of images on metal in Ivkonstruktiv LLC

In Ivkonstruktiv LLC you can order the application of images on any metal surface. We use silk screen printing, fiber laser printing, and CO2 laser engraving. We offer favorable terms of cooperation, efficiency, and quality of work.

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